Friday, February 23, 2018
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Community Service Plaza


As we survey Memphis and Shelby County, we have seen a shift in the demographics of Hickory Hill, increasing in the need for social services. Hickory Hill currently has the highest number of youth in the city, increasing number of senior citizens, greater than 200 percent increase in female headed households, and nearly 700 percent more Hispanics. Although the need for social services has increased, the availability to social services has not been made readily accessible. Many of the Hickory Hill residents must travel 10 miles or more to various social service offices.

We have found that many non-profit organizations are doing positive work in the community and have great resources. However, they do not always have access to the masses of people who need the services and the general community is not aware of all the services that are available to them.

Seeing the dilemma, one of the five purposes of the Hickory Ridge Mall Towne Centre is to provide community and social services to Hickory Hill and the surrounding communities. By centralizing the services, the people can come to one place and find everything they need.

The Hickory Ridge Mall Towne Centre endeavours to provide a wing of community and social services conducive to their needs, such as the Shelby County Community Service Agency, Shelby County Clerk Office, Department of Human Services, Aging and Disability services, Office of Youth services, Department of Child Services, Employment Services, Crisis Intervention, Family Counselling, etc… in a safe, family-orientated atmosphere within the community.


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